About AquaStasis

About AquaStasis

Our Mission

Develop innovative sensor technologies that improve user experience by incorporating simple, accurate, and economic qualities into testing devices.


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When Dr. Roni Kopelman discovered a floating tiger barb in his home aquarium and realized, too late, that the water chemistry was out of balance, he set about inventing a better way of testing. His vision was a continuous window into aquariums, pools and spas; a window where users would see in real time if key parameters, such as pH and Ammonia, need adjusting before reaching dangerous levels.

Roni joined forces with Stuart Jamieson to make this vision a reality and AquaStasis was born in 2004.

During the first couple of years the company focused its efforts on bringing continuous testing to the consumer aquarium market. Their first product, LivepH was released locally in early 2005, under the LiveMeter brand. LiveNH3 quickly followed, and a successful partnership with Virbac Corporation ensured the rapid adoption of LiveMeter products within the Pet industry. Virbac, through its Mardel brand, owns and exclusively markets the LiveMeter products within the Pet industry.

Following this successful launch of LiveMeter products within the Pet industry, AquaStasis is continuing to innovate and apply its founding vision to other markets.

Company Timeline

June, 2006 LiveMeter products on sale at major pet retailers in all 50 states
March, 2006 LivepH and LiveNH3 are launched with great success under the Mardel brand at Global Pet Expo in San Diego, CA
March, 2006 Virbac Corp. acquires the LivepH and LiveNH3 technology for use within the Pet industry
September, 2005 LiveMeter partners with Virbac Corp., a leading provider of animal health products
March, 2005 First sales of LivepH to local stores in Seattle, WA
December, 2004 John Thuma joins AquaStasis as VP Business Development
June, 2004 AquaStasis Corporation founded by Roni Kopelman and Stuart Jamieson